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The Greatest Christmas Gift

Christmas is a time of gift giving. May of us struggle to figure out the perfect gift for our spouse, kids, or close friends. It has to be special. It needs to be meaningful.

What we need to remember is that God our Heavenly Father has given us the most meaningful, best gift ever - the gift of eternal life. For it is at Christmas that the Son of God leaves heaven and comes to earth and takes on human form so He can shed His blood and die for the forgiveness of sins. But while the Son of God is walking this earth as a man, he still remained God at the same time. (It’s hard to understand. But God assures us that our eternal life is based on what we TRUST, not what we understand.) And because He is also God that allows Jesus to rise from the dead.

Therefore Christmas, when the Son of God is born and takes the name of Jesus, is the beginning of God’s rescue plan for us.

And for those of us who trust God’s plan, God allows us to experience here on earth, a small portion of what Godly peace, joy and love will be like for all of eternity. He gives us these gifts so we can share them with others.

Join us Christmas Eve at 7 pm or Christmas Day at 10 am to receive the This great gift of Christmas - God’s peace, joy and love brought to us by His Son - Jesus.

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