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From Follower to Disciple

Why is it so difficult to make a decision to become a disciple of Jesus?  For many people in the world, it can be a life or death decision.  To become a disciple of Jesus may cause the death of a relationship or even one's own physical death - the end of their life.  For many people, if they decide to follow Jesus and be His disciple, at best it means the end of a relationship.  A person is cut off from their friends and even their family.  But there have also been cases reported where people have literally lost their lives because they were killed or murdered.

But yet, there are still others, who even though they do not feel threatened by the loss of life or even the loss of a relationship, still find it hard to follow Jesus.  And it's because their focus and their desire is not on Jesus, but on something else.  They want Jesus.  But they also want success, fame, power and/or money.  I am not saying that a disciple of Jesus cannot have success, fame, power or even riches.  But the disciple of Jesus does not see those things as the main focus of their life.  That is not what drives them and motivates them.

To follow Jesus, you have to let go of certain things.

Perhaps an explanation using a standard piece of equipment found on most playgrounds in the 1960's will help.  It's called "the Monkey Bars."

Monkey Bars were great for developing upper body strength as well as grip.  They were also good for developing coordination and stamina as everyone attempted to get from one end of the monkey bars to the other by swinging and grabbing one rung after another.  And when a person became really strong and proficient going one full length, then it became the goal to back as well.

the interesting thing about the Monkey Bars is that in order to make progress, you have to find the best technique to move forward so you are in position to grab the next bar, but then also let go of the bar that is behind you.

Being a disciple of Jesus is no easy matter.  It is often tough, hard and demanding.  We also have to make sure we are in position to be ready to grab onto what God is offering us, but we also have to let go of the past, often with what we have become comfortable with hanging onto.

One could say the rich young man who came to Jesus with the question about how to obtain eternal life was having difficulty traversing the monkey bars.  He was wanting to make sure he was in position so eternal life was his.  Jesus reminded him that was only part of the equation. Jesus wanted the young man to let go of what was holding him back, which in his case, was his desire to hold on to his wealth and possessions.  (Matthew 19:16-22)

For those of you reading this piece and desire to deepen your walk with Jesus as a disciple, take some time to answer these two questions:

1.  How will you position yourself to be ready to grab the bar God offers in front of you?  Will it be through more consistent worship?  More prayer?  More private/quiet time with God?  More service to others?

2.  But also, what do you need to let go of?  What is holding you back?  Is it your desire for more stuff?  A secret sin that you do because it makes you feel good?  Insecurity and fear of what the future has in store for you if you let go?

But in the end, it's all about letting go and swinging forward to grab on to the next bar.  

Discipleship, like monkey bars, is an ongoing process.  On this side of heaven, because of our sin and disobedience, there will always be something we have to let go of in order to keep moving forward and grabbing on to God.

Get in the swing of things.  Get in the rhythm.  Trust God.  Trust the process.