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Sunday School


Join us on Sundays for our Children's Education Hour from 9:30 to 10:30. Our Sunday School class combines ages 5 through 11 as we learn about God's beautiful plan for us. We use Concordia Publishing House's Enduring Faith Curriculum. Unit 1 (2021-22 School Year) is Bible survey - a one-year walk-through of both the Old and New Testaments, from the Creation to Christ's triumphant return on the Last Day. Unit 2 (2022-23 School Year) is focused on Old Testament exploration - a yearlong study of the Old Testament with a focus on the promise and prophecy of the Messiah. And Unit 3 (2023-24 School Year) we explore the New Testament - this one-year study of the New Testament follows the life of Christ and the Early Church.

Next Gen & Kids Academy

At our campus we have Christian education available for children of all ages. Special needs and low-income scholarships are available. Click below for more information about each school

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