Women's Book Club


The Hope Women’s Book Club has chosen books to read and meeting dates for the next few months. If you would like to join our Zoom meeting, please contact Jane Pavich at janepavich@hotmail.com with your email address to request an invitation to our online gathering. We meet the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm. Below is our schedule for the next few months. We hope you will join us!

TUESDAY, dec. 7TH, 6:30 PM

What If It's True? - by Charles Martin



Years ago, Martin cracked open his Bible and began wrestling with a few fundamental questions. He asked, “What if every single word of Scripture is absolutely true and I can trust it? How do I respond? Something in me should change, but what? How?” This book is the result of that exploration.

Writing as our guide, he uses a storyteller’s imagination to illuminate key moments from the Scriptures, primarily from the life and ministry of Jesus. In addition, Martin shares key moments from his own journey as a disciple—and bondservant—of Christ and a mentor to others. The result is a striking exploration of truth that helps us not just think differently, but live differently. Today.

2022 Book Selections coming Soon!